Collage Sketchbook 10

Page 9 of the Collage Sketchbook.

This one is pretty nostalgic. Plus there are some pretty cool textures with real history. The caricature of the very depressed looking girl is my best friend in the entire world. I drew this in high school when we where all edgy and emo. Small World and “Business is great, People are terrific, Life is wonderful.” are from my hometown, Baton Rouge. George’s is a Baton Rouge local gem. Good food, good people and I hear the kitchen staff plays some awesome music 😉

Kiss and artist today came from the art store in Memphis, TN, where I bought all my art supplies in college. It’s called the Art Center, and the people there are also amazing. Plus they have some cool shirts.

The random textures you see are old photographs that where destroyed in the Great Flood of 2016, and leaves that shed their meaty part leaving (haha) behind the veins.


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