Delirium is hands down my favorite character in the entire Sandman series. I love her so much when I was in high school I cut my hair like hers ( and Cyndi Laupers) and dyed it rainbow. I went as her for Halloween one year and this isn’t the first time I’ve illustrated her. This is the best one I’ve done to date though.

When I got the idea to do the Endless I knew what I wanted to do for her from the very beginning, but forced myself to save her for last and consider alternate compositions. I’m glad I did. This is much better then the original idea I had.

For photo reference and character design I used Cyndi Lauper. Her whole style just screams this is my fictional counter part to me.

For me the best part of the series is a singular scene in which Delirium is laying on a hotel bed blowing bubbles and turning them into crazy shapes. This is what I wanted to illustrate.

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