Ahhhh Desire…Sorry I am getting a bit tired. I’ve been working on finishing these up for two days.

Desire is both male and female. Appearing desirable to both sexes is kind of his/her thing. Quite a trouble maker in the series. I was excited about this drawing.

Mike Dringenburg described Desire as being a lot like Duran Duran, and also basing her character appearance on his then girlfriend. Gaiman thought of her as a cross between David Bowie and Annie Lennox. Taking all this into account I had more photo reference for Desire than any of the others. Figure reference, pin up posters and countless pictures of  David Bowie and Annie Lennox. In the end I remembered a video I saw a few months back and ended up basing her appearance on Lady Gaga in her Oklahoma video.

Just type into google Lady Gaga in drag. You’ll see why I thought she would be perfect. The wardrobe was a cross between Lennow’s suit and Bowies baby blue suit.

I wanted to give Desire as much agency in this as possible. That is why I chose the pose I did with her looking directly at the viewer. That is one of the best things about the series. The female characters are anything but helpless. Although Desire is technically male and female. You know what I mean….

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