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Delirium Speed Process Video

  Here’s the process video for the Delirium color challenge piece. Hope you enjoy. I make these videos very short. They are usually only 15 seconds long, because they are mostly intended for instagram. For this one I went to my cousin Joseph Burton for some...

Muscle Dress Design

  Once again this is a dress design I did for Lady Vamp that never went into production. Of the two I did for LV this was hands down the one I was most excited about. I had seen “muscle” dresses and tights before, all of which left me wondering why...

Haunted Castle Dress

  As mentioned in the previous post I took an internship at the Poppington Art Gallery. Art Gallery to the wandering public, but also home base to a myriad of companies ranging from fashion design to motor oil, yes motor oil. To say the least Poppington was an...

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