Paintings of The Myrtles Plantation


Most ghost hunters and history buffs are familiar with The Myrtles Plantation and it’s lore. Anybody who’s seen a “Most Haunted Places in America” list has seen the name. These days it is a bed and breakfast and tourist destination. It’s gorgeous, peaceful, and it has a wicked history. If you are interested in old southern plantations, history, or just ghosts, it’s a must see. Make a trip down to St. Francisville, Louisiana and spend the money to stay overnight. It’s worth it.

I grew up hearing stories about it from friends and family. I never had the occasion to actually spend the night until recently. I had the good fortune to spend one day a week for the last three months painting on site. I truly want to thank the current owners, the Moss family, for letting me hang around and paint. And for selling those paintings in the gift shop. This experience has reunited me with a passion for painting that I forgot I had.

The paintings below are all available for sale in the gift shop at The Myrtles, or here through my website. I put them in the order that I painted them. I can tell a progression through them, as I got more comfortable with painting again. I experimented with different approaches to the subjects. Finally, I found a way of painting that I was happy with. As I paint more in the future I’m sure this will develop.

Special note: If a piece you like has already been sold, please don’t refrain from contacting me. I can always make prints of any of my pieces or be commissioned to create another.


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